Automotive Roundtable Events

Event design systems for J.D. Power and Associates
J.D. Power AutoRevolution main icon logo
Main imagery
AutoRevolution homepage design
Initial concept imagery
Logo, imagery, and photography done for the precursor to AutoRevolution, Automotive Marketing Roundtable

Often the work for a corporation can be very iterative. The rebrand from AMR to AutoRevolution gave the rare opportunity to stretch and really have some fun creating something very new. The result was some of the most dynamic work that the events team and the company had released.

The AR icon and full AutoRevolution logotype retain characteristics of the AMR logo I’d designed a few years prior, pushing them to the future and adding more dynamism.

The streaks mixed into the imagery add to the dynamic, modern look, and tie strongly to the angles in the logo.

Bold colors on a bed of white, black, and dark nuetrals, then balanced against black and white images worked well across the myriad assets needed for the online, print, and in-person aspects of the event.